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We have just started making announcements for the events of the week and have been getting a lot of support for these events. May the best class win this season!

On another note, we finally got approval from Reverend Zug to make shield pin announcements in middle school chapel. We can also make the shield pin announcements in the upper school chapel most likely starting this Friday.

Mrs. Pratt is all for the Bike for Paul event and we are getting more people on board with the idea. Plans are looking good so far.


I think a good place to start would be to get a list of all of the freshmen from mr willis and a list of all of the seniors from ms baker and match kids up. during an activity, lets have a combined class meeting of the two grades so each mentor could meet their ‘mentee’ and discuss how theyd like to go about meeting on a normal schedule and such. just a thought. -maria

6 Secrets to Team Productivity

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Teenagers - Whispering a SecretTeams are great for accomplishing projects or complex operations / tasks.  High performing teams can get more done more quickly than any one person.  However, keeping teams on task and on track can be a real challenge.  Even great teams can get distracted or pulled in the wrong direction.  So how do you keep your team’s productivity up?

Here are 6 secrets to team productivity:

  1. Have fun.  When people enjoy what they do and the people they are doing it with productivity will increase.  Find small ways to break tension and stress by having some fun.  Laugh at yourself in a team meeting, take a lunch break together that is different than normal (go out or bring in picnic foods, whatever works), create funny rewards for participation or ideas, or something else that will bring humor to the team without poking fun at anyone else.  A couple of minute…

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EQV page on EA website

Esse Quam Videri is a student leadership group made up of ten EA seniors who were elected by their peers and the upper school faculty. At the end of every year, twenty finalists are selected based on their reputation of passion and enthusiasm for the school. After an application process, the final group of ten students is chosen to represent the community and serve as mentors for the student body. The committee is supervised and aided by Kim Piersall, our Director of Experiential Learning, and the senior class form dean. In addition to participating in a three day retreat prior to the beginning of school, EQV plans numerous events and year long activities intended to connect everyone in the community. EQV epitomizes the diversity of EA, because each one of its members is unique and representative of varied arenas of school life.

Mission Statement: EQV strives to unify the Episcopal Academy community and to foster a sense of family by modeling positive leadership

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One of the most important things to do in order to make a strong group is to bond. Bonding with you guys these past few days has been an experience that can be remembered forever and also make us better leaders.